24 Inch Green LED Cascading Light Tube black wire

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  • 24 Inch Green LED Cascading Light Tube black wire
  • Green Cascading LED Tube light


Green LED Cascading Light Tubes with black wire create a spectacular effects.  This 24 inch tube contains 32 cascading LED's. (will not work with 2011 model).  Create awesome displays!

  • Required 50100 Power Cord sold separately.  You do not need a power cord for every tube, only for each outlet you plan on using.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use.
  • Connect up to 200 tubes end to end.
  • Also available in RED, Warm White, BLUE, Orange and Purple
  • Watertight Tubes can be viewed from all sides.
  • Random drops when multiple tubes are connected.
  • LEDs light down the tube, creating a cascading light effect.
  • Different drop speeds between each cycle.
  • Connect different tube lengths (or colors) for different effects
  • 12" tubes weigh approx 4 oz, 24" inch tubes weight approx 8 oz and 36" tubes weight approx 12 oz
  • 2 foot, 5 foot and 10 foot space wires available for greater versatility when hanging in trees.
  • Tubes sold individually.

INSTALLATION: Tubes connect end to end with each tube having one female and one male coaxial type plug, each with 6” leads. That means there is a 12" spacing between the tubes when connected to each other. The required adapter power plug will power up to 200 tubes. Spacer wires are available to increase the distance between the tubes.


  • MPN: 50106
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wire Color: Black
  • Suitability: Outdoor
  • Max Sets Connected: 200

Note: Using more than the recommended number of tubes for the adapters will void the warranty and may damage the lights. For Seasonal use ONLY. 2013 Products are not compatible with 2011.

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