What is a Side Pot in Poker?


In poker, a side pot is a smaller pot that can be won by a player that has dropped out of the main pot. When a side pot is won, the player forfeits their right to the main pot and surrenders it to another player. During the same poker game, different players can win different side pots.

Hold ’em

Texas Hold’em is a variation of poker that is played with a dealer who rotates positions. Each player plays a hand and then turns the dealer role over to the player on his left. The dealer will spread cards face down on the table for the players to choose from. The player with the best card starts as the dealer.

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and is typically played with two to 10 players. The objective is to form the best five-card hand possible using your two hole cards and the five community cards. The winner of the hand is the player with the highest five-card hand. If you have a high hand, you’ll win the pot, and the player with the worst hand will lose the pot.

Player 2 is the first active player to the dealer’s left. He has a pair of jacks, a solid starting hand. He bets a good amount of money to protect his hand. The button calls his $10 raise. The flop spreads the communal cards.


Omaha poker is a great way to learn poker strategy. It is a pot-limit game that offers a wide range of hand combinations. The pot-limit betting format allows players to make informed decisions based on information about their opponents. Because of this, the game can be risky for players who are out of position.

The player who has the best hand, or the highest kicker, wins the hand and all of the chips in the pot. If there are ties after the turn, but before the fifth community card is dealt, a showdown can occur. If there are two players with the same hand, the player who bets more may raise the pot.

One of the main differences between Omaha poker and Hold’em is the betting structure. Omaha is more complicated, but it is also easier to build big hands. Since players are dealt four cards instead of two, they are less likely to fold a weak hand.

Five-card stud

Five-card stud poker is the oldest form of stud poker. The game dates back to the American Civil War, but today is less popular than other poker variants. But, it’s still a fun way to spend an evening. The rules are similar to many other poker variations, and the game is a great way to improve your game.

In Five-card stud, each player receives two cards. The first round of betting is started by the player with the highest card. The next two betting rounds are started by the player with the lowest hand. Pairs are not considered good hands in this game, and a player with a pair is not allowed to place a large bet. The rest of the rules are the same as in ordinary Five-card stud, including the showdown.

The first step is to learn about the rules of five-card stud poker. This poker variant is played with a fixed betting structure, with each player putting in a small amount of money before each hand. Each player is then dealt one card, face up or down. The player must guess the opponent’s face-down card and represent it in the best possible way.